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Fearless in Art

I was a student of art history before I joined the ranks of visual artists. With this feast of art from the past, the first decision I had before me was – what to make. I have always had a special interest in artists who use color as a defining quality in their oeuvre, such as Henri Matisse and Mark Rothko, to name just two from the recent past, so color has always been a major choice for me.

My work shows a consistent search for beauty and psychological depth in art. Beginning with this ideal, I work and see what actually appears, surprise myself, accept limitations of material and skill, and move on. I think about genius: does it have its moments? Pierre Bonnard went to see his work in museums, taking his paint box, so that he could fix things that were not “perfect”.


Triangle Painting #2
(Archie & Edith Have a Conversation)
Acrylic on Canvas, 36" x 36”

I imagine what can improve the image and do that, working on the most difficult problems first. Mistakes may bring new solutions, progress and change. So there is action and reaction, imperfection and humility before endless possibilities, anxiety, joy, fun and taking it not too seriously.

Over the years, I have used different approaches to art making, no one better than the other. When I was drawing and painting the figure meticulously, it was just as engrossing and satisfying to me as is my current work.

I once had a dream about discovering material billions of years old from the center of our earth and bringing it to the surface. In the dream I take some of this material and apply it to a small, square canvas. It is black, shot through with the colors of the spectrum, and is complete in itself, without my adding anything. The artist’s dream. It’s a gift.

Barbara Bachner

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