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Essay for “Circle of Life” at Dacia by Stefania Carrozzini

Artist: Barbara Bachner, May 13 – June 1, 2012

Dacia Gallery is pleased to present “Circle of Life”, an exhibition of new work by Barbara L. Bachner, an abstract painter who transforms basic shapes and colors into powerful compositions, which convey enlightenment reached through an aesthetic experience.

Lines, organic shapes and silhouettes of figures are part of the scene, equally weighted on the surface with other abstract elements. Paintings are fields where the action is controlled and balanced between rationality and emotion. Signs mingle, generating new and unusual forms of spatial assets. The pictures are floating worlds captured singularly by this artist’s eye and sensitive heart. The circle of life is a process of eternal return and Bachner’s works are evidence of this dynamism translated with total freedom of expression.

Action in a painting establishes a vital relationship between the self, the world and matter. Its unrelenting spirit becomes aware of its strengths and expands the idea of infinity. As the voice speaks, ideas start taking shape in new ways. The framework is a battlefield where vicissitudes are interiorized, memories emerge and consciousness and unconsciousness pour forth.

Bachner’s works communicate an existential pure energy. The fragments explode on the canvas as a symbol of original chaos and from here take new life.

—Stefania Carrozzini


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